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(typically 6" 12" diameter) are excellent foundation elements constructed using geotechnical drilling techniques and high strength materials. Micropiles are preferred supports to stabilize buildings, bridges, highways and other man-made structures that have restricted access, karst geology or are vibration sensitive. Micropiles can penetrate to hundreds of feet in depth and support high compression and tension loads.

Every day, SDI engineers push the limits of micropile technology to find better solutions for foundation support that is required due to:

  • Subsurface Obstructions
  • Overhead Clearance
  • Vibration / Noise
  • Restricted Access

As a recognized industry leader, we focus on building strong relationships with our clients. SDI partners with owners, engineers and contractors ensuring quick response to the site and / or soil conditions. Our extensive experience in the field means our clients receive the decisive action required to keep the job safe while staying on budget and on schedule.

  • Work loads from 10 Tons (9.07 T metric) to 500 Tons (453.6 T metric)
  • Depths up to 200 feet (61 meters)
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Areas presenting difficult access and low headroom
  • Experienced installation around existing utilities, minimizing impact on facility operations
  • Appropriate for a wide range of ground conditions including sands, clays, bouldery soils and rock

Micropiles are a proven solution for foundation support in Karst area where other types of foundation support are difficult and expensive or impossible to install.

Improving Micropile Technology

SDI is committed to maintaining the most experienced staff while providing ongoing education for changing micropile technology. This industry expertise, combined with our diverse equipment, is demonstrated in the successful completion of projects across North America, including

  • Schools / Colleges
  • Historic / Landmark Structures
  • Retail / Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Casinos
  • Bridges (Piers / Abutments)
  • Power Plants

Driven Piles

  • Design loads up to 1,000 Tons
  • Quick installation; no curing time is required so piles can be driven in natural sequence
  • Installation at a variety of inclinations provides increased support for lateral loads
  • Structurally sound for high lateral and bending resistance, suitable for wind, berthing and seismic loading conditions
  • Appropriate for a wide range of subsurface conditions
  • Suitable for land-based and marine-based structures

Augercast Piles

  • Cost effective alternative to other deep foundation systems
  • Minimal disturbance, suitable for low noise and/or environmentally sensitive sites.
  • Depths up to 100 feet and diameters approaching 24" diameter
  • Areas presenting difficult access and low headroom


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