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SDI is the only geo-technical construction company that is uniquely positioned to deliver both ground modification solutions and mechanically excavated shafts to the civil industry.

Knowing the complexities of soil conditions means that SDI personnel can accurately
pinpoint the most economical treatment required to expedite civil construction with minimized risks. SDI's shaft development and ground improvement is typically performed ahead and independent of existing construction activity keeping projects on time and on budget.

More than 30 years of expertise in ground stabilization goes into meeting a project's special needs while we constantly apply new and advanced techniques for pre-construction, site improvement and / or remedial work that requires:

  • soil stabilization
  • structural underpinning
  • increased foundation loading
  • infrastructure upgrade
  • excavation support
  • seismic retrofit
  • foundation upgrade for large manufacturing plants and commercial structures

Our success in providing geotechnical solutions for the civil industry is supported by more than 20 years of experience in mine shaft development. Civil contractors are using this unrivaled expertise to meet the growing demands for larger diameter ventilation and access shafts for sewer systems, tunnels, infrastructure, and raw water intake. Today, SDI's shaft development is approaching 20 feet in diameter and 2,000 feet in depth.

SDI small diameter shafts provide underground operations with the shortest possible route to the surface. Utilities, such as electrical power, pneumatics (air) and communications, can be transported or generated above ground and then dropped straight down the utility shaft for distribution as required.

Civil contractors requiring turnkey civil projects, such as pump stations for water treatment facilities and deep shaft biological waste water treatment, rely on SDI's proven technical competence.

  • No underground access required as all work is safely conducted from the surface thus eliminating the risk of personnel having to enter the shaft during construction.
  • Initial access shafts for underground development produce appreciable savings in both project schedules and construction costs.
  • Fully developed shafts are lined according to application and material efficiencies. Final liners available in steel, concrete or composite materials.

SDI's unprecedented combination of resources can reduce the need for multiple vendors resulting in significant savings in time and cost for contractors in the civil industry. Because ground stabilization and shaft development is self-performed by SDI in house and in real time, SDI delivers optimum efficiencies and the greatest alleviation of risk to our clients.



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